Election Chief Faces Lawsuit Over 25k Dead Registrants

Michigan Democratic Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson faced a lawsuit to finally purge 25,000 deceased voters from the voting rolls, according to Just the News. Public Interest Legal Foundation brought the suit against the secretary of state. The Soros-backed election official was unwilling to purge the dead voters, according to the foundation’s President J. Christian Adams.

The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan denied the secretary’s bid to dismiss the suit last week, hopefully resulting in a win for fair elections that will no longer include dead voters in the state. Adams, a former Department of Justice voting rights attorney, was understandably taken aback by the secretary’s resistance despite PILF’s documentation of the dead voters.

“Yeah, 25,000 dead registrants on the active rolls in Michigan—like 4,000 of them had been dead for 20 years,” said Adams. “We had pictures of their gravestones in the complaint. We sent Jocelyn Benson…notice about these dead people before the 2020 election. She didn’t do anything.”

Adams continued to say that after Benson refused to do anything about it, the foundation decided to sue. Benson’s claim that the case should be struck down because it lacked any standing was denied by the court and Adams says that hopefully now the case can go forward and deliver results.

“Every state that’s faced these kind of lawsuits eventually settles with us. Let’s see if she does.”

For a party that claims to want to enfranchise voters, they deliberately disenfranchise them when they allow their votes to be diluted by voters who have been dead for decades because it seemingly benefits their party. Adams claimed that blue states have evaded responsibility for maintaining voter rolls.

“[B]lue states in many cases—New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maine, I could go down the list—are run by sort of ideological state election officials who are opposed to list maintenance,” he said. “It was part of [Democrats’ voting overhaul bill] HR 1, if you remember a year ago, that they were going to ban all this maintenance as a matter of federal law. That failed, of course, and they are against list maintenance.”

Adams continued to say that when you now have states that are relying heavily on mail-in-ballots, you tend to have “polluted voter rolls,” where dead people are apparently voting.