Dr. Oz Wants To Ban Smokers From The Work Force

(PresidentialInsider.com)- A 2013 video clip of Dr. Mehmet Oz is making the rounds on social media this week in which he suggested that states could reduce their healthcare budgets by 15 percent simply by not hiring smokers.

And since over-stated hyperbole is common during an election, the left-wing Democrat-affiliated Patriot Takes, the account that posted the brief clip, claimed “Dr. Oz wants to ban smokers from the workforce.”

The account also lied and claimed Oz was calling for a “nationwide law” disqualifying smokers from being hired. This, of course, is a lie:

Imagine that. A heart doctor who wants to help people stop smoking.

So, here’s the context Patriot Takes ignored.

The 48-second clip is from a speech Dr. Oz made to the National Governors Association winter meeting in February 2013 where he laid out a series of measures governors could take to increase lifespans and reduce health costs in their states.

Funny how Patriot Takes doesn’t mention that this video clip is nearly a decade old.

Dr. Oz spent most of his 2013 speech discussing obesity and urging states to promote a healthier lifestyle, including emphasizing exercise and healthy eating.

But since encouraging people to maintain a healthy weight is viewed by Democrats as “fat-shaming,” Patriot Takes won’t post any clips about that.

The cherry-picked clip also omits the part of the speech when Dr. Oz told the governors that the healthy living debate rests with governors and not with Congress.

Maybe if Dr. Oz was running for Governor of Pennsylvania, this clip would be relevant. But he isn’t, is he? He’s running for the US Senate. You know, Congress.

Meanwhile, the Democrat running against Oz, John Fetterman, is a far-left socialist who recently suffered a stroke that has left him so mentally impaired that he is limiting his public appearances and trying to avoid debating his opponent.

Fetterman wants unfettered abortion during all nine months of pregnancy and supports the far-Left pro-criminal agenda.

Which would you rather see as the next Senator from Pennsylvania?