Dr. Fauci Supports Calls To Target Children

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Surprise, surprise. Dr. Anthony Fauci is now joining the calls for young children to be forced to wear face masks even as the COVID-19 pandemic comes to an end. Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, confirmed his support of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ call for children as young as three years old to wear masks indoors on Monday.

Fauci and the AAP suggested that children and young people, regardless of whether they have received the vaccine, should be forced to wear masks as schools across the country reopen for in-person learning.

Fauci said that he thinks the organization is a “thoughtful group” and that they have analyzed the situation and supports them if they believe it’s the “reasonable thing to do.”

On Monday, the AAP said that it “strongly recommends” in-person learning for children, and that those children…should wear masks.


Fauci did admit that his support of the decision was in contrast with the advice offered by the Centers for Disease Control. The federal agency said earlier this year that vaccinated people should no longer feel as though they must wear a mask when around small groups of people.

At least Dr. Fauci is admitting his inconsistencies this time…

However, Fauci did suggest that the AAP may give “room” for local agencies to make their own decisions about health guidelines relating to masks. Which is a nice “get out” clause.

The rising cases of infections of the Delta variant of COVID-19 appear to be behind the calls for young children to not only wear masks but to also start taking the vaccine, as drug companies request authorization from the FDA to allow people under the age of 12 to receive the vaccine.