Dr. Fauci On CNN: “Arrest Me For What?”

Dr. Anthony Fauci blasted people on the “far right” who have called for him to be prosecuted for his involvement in covering up the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.

On Saturday, Fauci appeared on Jim Acosta’s weekend show “CNN Newsroom” where Acosta brought up those on the “far right” who have called for Fauci’s prosecution.

When asked to respond, Fauci said he had no response to “craziness,” asking what they want him prosecuted for. He said he wished he could understand what they are “talking about,” adding that the right is “going off the deep end.”

Fauci said the calls for his prosecution made no sense and were “irresponsible.” He claimed the rhetoric against him has had a “deleterious” effect on his family who do not like that he is “getting death threats all the time.”

Fauci said that people spouting “misinformation” and “outright lies” about him always results in someone deciding to threaten him or his family. Calling that the “unfortunate” part, Fauci said the rest of the things said about him are “just insanity.”

He said the “negative effect” of the rhetoric on the right is when someone takes it seriously and decides to take it out on him or his family, adding that this is why he still has “protection.”

Fauci said making a public health problem political is “unacceptable,” arguing that people should be uniting against a “common enemy.”

Fauci also continued to downplay the lab leak theory, claiming that even if the virus did originate from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, that doesn’t mean that it had been genetically altered in the lab.

Fauci told Acosta that if the virus leaked from the lab, it could have still originated in nature, arguing that the virus could have come from an infected bat being studied in the Wuhan lab.