Dr. Fauci Files Emergency Request Over “Bats” Amid Scandals Involving Him

(PresidentialInsider.com)- In what is no doubt an effort to control the damage done to him over the release of his emails, Dr. Anthony Fauci last week urged China to release the medical records of those who contracted coronavirus-like symptoms prior to the outbreak of the COVID pandemic.

Among the records Fauci is requesting are those concerning the three researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology who fell ill in November 2019, as well as the records pertaining to six miners who, in 2012, became sick after cleaning out bat feces from a mine in the Yunnan province of China.

News of the 2012 miners incident was reported in an extensive investigative piece published at Vanity Fair just last week. After the incident, Chinese scientists brought coronavirus samples from that cave back to the Wuhan Institute of Virology where the infamous “Bat Lady” began studying them.

In an interview in the June 3 Financial Times, Fauci said these medical records could prove valuable in determining the origins of COVID-19.

Fauci believes the 2012 incident might show that COVID-19 may have originated in that cave and was then possibly leaked out of the lab.

China has denied the lab leak theory from the start, and it seems unlikely they would make any good faith efforts to help Fauci determine the origin of COVID-19.

In responding to the news that President Biden had ordered the Intelligence Community to step up its investigations into COVID’s origins, China immediately accused the US of peddling divisive conspiracy theories and politicizing the pandemic as a way to distract from the high death rates in the US.

Additionally, the Chinese also floated their own conspiracy theory that COVID-19 was developed at the Army lab at Fort Detrick.

Luckily for China, the World Health Organization provided them with ample cover when, in March 2021, they released a report claiming COVID-19 most likely developed naturally in bats then passed to humans through an intermediary species.

The only US scientist involved in that WHO investigation was Peter Daszak. Daszak was the man who repackaged and allocated Federal grants for gain-of-function research – including grants going to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

It was also Daszak who orchestrated the February 2020 letter published in the Lancet condemning the lab leak theory – calling it xenophobic and a conspiracy theory.

Up until last month, Anthony Fauci publicly parroted the claim that COVID-19 was not a lab engineered virus, but one that occurred naturally.