Dr. Fauci DOESN’T Want Study On Effectiveness Of Masks

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- Dr. Anthony Fauci made a bizarre statement on Tuesday, stating his opposition to conducting a study on the effectiveness of face masks. Fauci has been a proponent of the wearing of masks in public for some time now, and as a man who is committed to the masks you might think he’d be interested in proving it. But he’s not.

Fauci made the comment during a conversation with Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service. He was asked by one student whether it would be possible to conduct a study on how effective the wearing of masks is during a pandemic, and instead of suggesting it is a good idea, Fauci shut it down completely.

“What kind of studies can we do right now in the middle of the pandemic about masks and transmission of the disease?” the student asked Fauci. “Or are we just relying on anecdotal evidence because we are not able to do those kind of studies right now?”

Fauci said that they aren’t counting on anecdotal evidence but “meta-analyses” of data that shows masks work. And, Fauci isn’t necessarily wrong. Masks are known not as a way of stopping you contracting the virus, but as a way of minimizing the spread of the virus by catching many of the aerosolized droplets that come out our mouth and nose.

“Right now, I’m convinced enough in the summation and totality of the data that has been analyzed by meta-analysis that I’m convinced that the benefit of wearing a mask clearly is there and is better than not wearing a mask,” he said.

What’s so interesting about this is that a study would likely show that masks do have a positive effect in controlling spread. They don’t stop the spread entirely but by limiting the aerosolized droplets leaving the mouth and nose, the virus does spread less. So why Fauci would be opposed to it is an interesting question.

“I would not want to do a randomized controlled study because that would mean having people not wear masks and see if they do better,” he said.

“I think that to do the study would be kind of difficult to do because then you’d have to tell people not to wear masks, and I’m not about to tell them that,” he added.