Dr. Birx Says COVID Spike Caused By Reopening Too Quickly

(AmericanPoliticalDaily.com)- Dr. Deborah Birx, one of the most prominent members of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, said on Tuesday that states in the south of the United States are seeing spikes in COVID-19 cases because state officials have allowed the economy to reopen too quickly. Birx said that the United States has the capacity to reduce the spread of the virus, but that measures taken to relax lockdown rules have resulted in its continued spread.

“We know how to stop the viral spread,” she said during an interview on Wharton Business Daily. “We have that capacity in our hands.”

Birx discussed that the geography of the pandemic is changing and is already different from the initial outbreak. Now, she says, the virus has moved away from the Northeast and the Midwest to the South and West. It doesn’t mean the virus has gone away in the Northeast, but that lockdown measures have controlled the spread of the virus and that it continues to be controlled.

Thankfully, even in areas where the virus is again beginning to spread, death rates are lower than they were during the initial outbreak.

“We are starting to see a small uptick [through the Northeast and Midwest], but the South, which didn’t experience a significant outbreak through the March, April timeframe, I think came at this opening in a different way than the Northeast or the Midwest that had experience with the outbreak,” she said.

Birx said that when these states opened, many individuals and businesses starting hitting the gas at full speed, opening up fully and opening up the spread of the virus again.

Public officials have also warned that the presence of widespread riots and protests in recent weeks will have an effect on the spread of the virus. In fact, the presence of tens of thousands of people out on the streets at any one time is expected to have quite a substantial impact. In Los Angeles, demonstrations have heavily contributed to a recent increase of COVID cases.

“We have the control to change the course of this virus today, and it will take individual action,” Birx advised. “Wearing masks in public everywhere in the United States, wearing masks around the vulnerable inside, wearing masks in the workplace, really curtailing our activities…And then you add to that, the therapeutics to improve outcomes for everybody and the vaccines that are under development.”

She described the focus as a “three-prong way to move forward as a country.”

The lesson? Wear masks around the vulnerable, help reduce the spread…and stop rioting.