Donald Trump’s MAGA Movement Reportedly “Roaring Back”

( Rogan O’Handley appeared on Steve Bannon’s show War Room to discuss his plan to draft Donald Trump to run for Congress so he can become Speaker of the House.

O’Handley told Bannon that the MAGA movement is “roaring back” all thanks to mobilization at the grassroots level — telling Bannon that people have realized that no one is coming to save them, so they have decided to save themselves.

Calling the Left “ruthless,” and power hungry, O’Handley said it was time for people to go on the offensive.

“You steal an election,” O’Handley added, “we’re going to fix it and we’re going to come roaring back.”

O’Handley, a 2011 graduate of the University of Chicago Law School, was pursuing a career in entertainment law in Los Angeles until Donald Trump got elected in 2016.

Then he abandoned his plans and became a conservative social media “influencer.” Going by the name “DC Draino,” O’Handley started an Instagram account that quickly gained tens of thousands of followers – many of whom credit him for “red-pilling” them.

After he was retweeted by President Trump in May of 2020, O’Handley’s public profile exploded. He’s published editorials and even appeared on Fox Business.

In 2019 O’Handley was one of the right-leaning “influencers” invited to the White House social media summit.

During the Twitter crackdown that took place after the January 6 melee at the Capitol, O’Handley was one of the many popular conservative influencers blacklisted from Twitter. A spokesman from Twitter claimed the go-to “repeated violations of its civic integrity policy” as the reason O’Handley was banned from its platform.

However O’Handley blamed his permanent suspension from Twitter on a video he posted where he talked about getting ejected from CPAC for removing his mask while taking pictures with some of his followers. In the video, O’Handley claimed Hyatt security brought in police who detained him briefly.

Thus far O’Handley’s Instagram account remains active.

Watch the War Room clip HERE.