Donald Trump Undergoes Radical Transformation As He Ditches Spray Tan

( Former President Donald Trump is looking good.

So good, in fact, that even the left-wing media is picking up on it.

After a tweet went viral showing the former president in a photograph this month looking younger and healthier than he did when he was in office, left-wing media outlets have been forced to cover the story.

Yahoo News acknowledged how leaving the White House must have been a “weight off former President Donald Trump’s shoulders,” and described how people have noticed major physical changes that might “signal future ambitions” and prove the “physical toll the presidency took” on him.

Imagine the pressure Trump was under having the entirety of the media after him for five years…

The photo in question was posted by Sean Parnell, the Republican candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania. He posted the photograph on September 1 and captioned it, “It’s time to Win Pennsylvania and Save America!”

The post was quickly picked up by a number of online commentators and outlets who noted how the former president was visibly slimmer, his hair looked more natural, and his face was more naturally tanned.

It looks like Trump has made serious changes to his diet and is no longer using fake tan. And he looks so much better.

A source recently told Business Insider, which also reported on the story, that Trump has seen a “marked improvement” to his health, and that he is now playing golf more frequently and getting more exercise.

The same source added that guests of the hotel comment often about how good the former president has been looking in recent months, and that he “feels great as well.”

It could seriously indicate that Trump is planning to run again in the future, as former Trump advisor Jason Miller previously indicated that the only thing that would stop Trump from running again in 2024 is his health.

Imagine if by 2024 we have a slimmed-down and healthier Trump running for president again…

At this rate, he’ll look even younger than he did in 2016.