Donald Trump Says Auditors Were Denied Entry To Election Station By “RINOs”

( Former President Donald Trump just came out in defense of audit officials in Arizona’s Maricopa County after the county’s Board of Supervisors refused to hand over routers for examination.

In a statement, the president asked why “RINO” (Republican In Name Only) members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors refused to hand over the routers, and asked, “what are they trying to hide?”

The former president noted how the supervisors appeared to be “fighting for life or death” and pushed them to hand over the devices that communicate between the internet and the devices connecting to the Internet. In the context of the election, the routers could provide important information about whether ballot-counting machines were connected to the Internet on election day or in the days following election day, and whether it was possible for the machines to have been manipulated by foreign actors as a result.

Auditors in Maricopa County have used a number of forensic analysis techniques to determine whether the election in the largest county in Arizona was legitimate and that it was not impacted by widespread fraud and misconduct. The audit is an important tool for protecting American democract, but Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans are staunchly opposed to it.

In the president’s recent statement, he asked whether the refusal to allow the routers to be handed over could mean that, despite claims to the contrary, ballot-counting machines were in fact connected to the Internet on election day.

“The Voter Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election was monumental, and the facts are coming out daily,” he added.

The results of the Arizona audit are yet to be released but they are expected in the coming weeks. Arizona legislators recently revealed that auditors have suggested that the official results are different from the results determined by the audit so far, but no numbers or data have been made publicly available yet.