Donald Trump Reveals Arizona Audit Findings To America

( Former President Donald Trump is well and truly back on the political scene, weighing in on the ongoing Arizona audit on Thursday during an interview with Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo. The former president slammed the Democrats for their opposition to the audit, their push to establish a 9/11-style commission to investigate the January 6 riots, and the far-left policies of the Biden administration.

On the topic of Arizona’s forensic audit, which is being performed by third-party investigators in Maricopa County, the former president said more states are likely to follow suit.

“There will be others and many of them are looking at it very, very powerfully right now,” the former president said, suggesting that more Republican states could take the dramatic decision to initiate further forensic investigations that detect patterns in voting to determine whether votes were cast fraudulently.

Trump said it’s going to be a “very interesting time for our country” as the results of these audits come through.

He also doubled down on his accusation that President Joe Biden didn’t win the election – an accusation based on evidence of misconduct and fraud in several battleground states.

“How do you govern when you lost? So we’ll have to see…” Trump said.

He encouraged people to wait and see what happens with the results of that audit over the next four weeks. Trump has previously suggested that Arizona may be the first domino to fall in fraud investigations nationally.

The only question is…what will the Democrats do if audits prove that Joe Biden really didn’t win?