Donald Trump Reached A Private Agreement With PGA

( Former President Donald Trump is embroiled in many a legal battle – and while many are still ongoing, he has managed to resolve a dispute with golf association PGA of America over a decision last year to pull a major professional golfing tournament from one of Trump’s famous courses.

PGA announced in a statement that it had reached a confidential settlement with the Trump Organization, the business operated by the Trump family, that they claim resolved the legal claims over their decision to pull the event from Trump’s Bedminster, New Jersey golf course.

PGA had made the decision based on false claims that the former president incited a “violent insurrection” in Washington, D.C. on January 6 last year.

The statement insisted that the terms of the settlement would remain confidential, and added that representatives from both the Trump organization and PGA have “expressed satisfaction with the agreement.”

On January 10 last year, PGA of America announced that the Trump gold course would not host the PGA Championship in 2022, which is one of four major tournaments that take place annually. PGA’s president Jim Richerson published a video in which he claimed that hosting the event at the Trump course would be “detrimental to the PGA of America brand.”

Would it, really?

Do they not realize that half of America voted for former President Donald Trump and that most Americans would rather vote for Trump than Biden if the election were to be held right now?

All they needed to do is look at the polls…

Or are they just too consumed with fear over what far-left extremists would do if they didn’t pull the event?