Donald Trump Marches Into UFC Fight

( If he country hates President Donald Trump like CNN and MSNBC try to portray, then how exactly did the former president get such a roar of applause when he walked into the UFC 264 fight on Saturday night?

Former President Trump, in his trademark red tie, walked straight into the crowd at the Dustin Poirier v. Conor McGregor fight over the weekend.

In the footage below, you’ll hear a few woke people booing as Trump walked in, only for that small crowd to be completely drowned out by chants of “USA!” as President Trump pointed and waved at his fans.

And we’re meant to believe that Joe Biden won the most votes out of any presidential candidate in history? Please…

President Joe Biden couldn’t get a crowd half this size to cheer him.

Donald Trump Jr. posted a clip of what the crowd sounded like when the former president walked into the stadium alongside Dana White, the chairman of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

In the clip below, you’ll even see people giving the former president a standing ovation as he walked in to watch the hotly-anticipated fight.

Look at all that love!

Conor McGregor, notoriously a fan of former President Trump, went up against Dustin Poirier and put up a good fight. In the first round, however, McGregor was left with a broken ankle, making it impossible for him to continue the fight.

Trump is likely to continue attending these events and is well known to be a fan of the sport. He was the first-ever sitting president to attend a UFC fight, and you never know, in a few years he could be attending another UFC fight as a sitting president of the United States.