Donald Trump Demands Death Penalty For Convicted Drug Dealers

( Last week, former President Trump gave the keynote address at the America First Policy Institute summit in Washington DC, focusing mainly on crime, law and order, and securing the southern border.

During his speech, the former president zeroed in on drug trafficking, arguing that the United States should follow the lead of other countries and institute harsher penalties for drug traffickers, including imposing the death penalty.

While Trump conceded that demanding harsher punishment for drug traffickers “sounds horrible,” he argued that imposing the death penalty could “save five hundred lives.” He noted that countries that don’t have the kind of drug problems the US does also “have a very strong death penalty for people that sell drugs.”

According to Jack Buckby from, one of the countries with harsher punishments for drug traffickers President Trump could have been referring to may have been Brazil, whose president Jair Bolsonaro used the military and police to crack down on violent criminals including drug traffickers.

Buckby also notes that while dozens of countries impose the death penalty for drug trafficking, few of them are known to routinely carry out executions.

Trump also advocated for a joint violent crime federal task force to destroy criminal gangs and drug traffickers.

The former president blamed the current wave of violence in America’s cities on the Democrat Party’s soft-on-crime policies and argued that police departments must be allowed to do their job.

Blasting Democrat-run cities for giving criminals “free rein,” Trump said Democrat governance is the reason America’s streets “are riddled with needles and soaked with the blood of innocent victims.”

The former president also called for national concealed carry reciprocity and urged lawmakers to restore resources and authority to law enforcement.

You can watch Trump’s address HERE