Donald Trump Asks If Democrats Are Conceding 6 Million Stolen Votes

( In a statement on Tuesday, former President Donald Trump claimed that Democrats appear to be admitting that there were six million votes illegally cast in the elections last year. In the statement, issued by his Save America PAC, the former president discussed remarks made by President Joe Biden during a speech in Philadelphia the same day.

He asked, “is Biden admitting to Democrats committing rampant election fraud?”

If you listen to what Biden said during the speech, it’s obvious what Trump is talking about.

Biden claimed that he had more authority than other presidents because he got the most votes in presidential history, but he got the numbers wrong. He said 150 American adults voted in the election…presumably meaning 150 million.

“They voted by mail, they voted by dropbox, and then, they got their families to go out and vote. Election officials, the entire electoral system, withstood unrelenting political attacks, physical threats, intimidation and pressure, they did so with unyielding courage and faith in our democracy,” he said.

It was all part of a wider push by Biden to undermine Republican concerns about election integrity and incidences of fraud, dismissing entirely the fact that evidence already shows fraud occurred.

But this problem is this: Biden claims to have received 81 million votes.

Let’s do the math.

If Biden meant to say 150 million votes, and President Donald Trump received 75 million votes, that leaves only 75 million votes for Biden. That’s six million votes short of the 81 million votes the Democrats claim they won.

What’s that about?

The results of a forensic audit in Maricopa County, Arizona, are expected to be released in the coming weeks…so we might find out soon where those millions of extra votes came from.