DOJ Releases Disturbing John Durham Investigation Update

( It took just a matter of days for the Department of Justice to respond after former President Donald Trump once again questioned the status of the John Durham special counsel investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe. The former president has kept up pressure on the Justice Department to issue their findings or announce any progress in the investigation designed to determine how the Mueller investigation – which found zero evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice from the Trump campaign – came to be.

A new report from the Justice Department shows that some $1.5 million has been spent on the Durham investigation between October 2019 and March 31. The department published the five-page document on Thursday, and while it shows there is some life in the investigation, the spending so far is a tiny fraction of the over $32 million spent by special counsel Robert Mueller in the effort to find even the tiniest piece of evidence that candidate Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 presidential election.

Durham resigned as a federal prosecutor in February of this year but stayed on in his special counsel role investigating Obama’s Justice Department. The investigation is specifically designed to find out why the Obama-era department opened an investigation into an opposition party’s election campaign.

When you hear former President Trump say that former President Obama spied on his campaign and got caught, this is what he’s talking about.

Last Saturday, President Trump asked what happened to the Durham report on his Save America Desk site.

His concerns about a lack of progress in the investigation were echoed by Trey Gowdy, who said on his podcast last week that “no one knows” about the progress of the investigation.

He said that people “high up” in the government in the last administration he talked to the week prior and that even they didn’t know.

It remains unclear why the investigation keeps going quiet. Let’s hope it hasn’t lost focus on investigating the origins of one of the biggest political witch hunts in history.