DOJ Reaches Trump Decision

( House Democrats are so desperate to find something to pin on former President Donald Trump that might disqualify him from running for office again that they are willing to beg the Department of Justice for access to information that they just don’t have the right to access.

The Justice Department declined a request from the House Oversight Committee in recent days to access the contents of records that were taken by the former president to his home in Florida after leaving the White House.

It was part of an effort to prove that the former president broke the law or did something so egregious that he could be prosecuted – and the fact that the Democrat-run Department of Justice blocked those efforts just goes to show that they really don’t have anything on him. Or, it could mean something else…we’ll get to that in a second.

The move could seriously hurt the Democrats’ efforts to stop Trump from running again in 2024.

Even if the Democrats had obtained those files, however, it’s unclear what exactly they wanted to do with them. The country already knows that Trump took some documents home, and that those documents have been returned. Why do they need to see what’s on them? And what would change if the House Oversight Committee was given access to information that was intended for the eyes of the president?

The kicker here is that the reason the Justice Department may have denied the House Oversight Committee access to the files is that there could be an ongoing investigation in the department itself. Not just House Democrats, but the federal government and its various agencies may be trying to pin something on Trump themselves. An official from the department, who spoke to the Associated Press on the condition of anonymity, said that an ongoing investigation is already taking place after the National Archives referred the matter to the department earlier in the year.

We’ll see what happens with the investigation…