DOJ Ordered “REVERSE SPYING” – It’s Real!

Devin Nunes subpoenaed the DOJ and FBI for Russia collusion hoax documents as chair of the House Intelligence Committee.

In an interview, Nunes accused the DOJ of “reverse spying” to stop the investigation. Nunes stated it was common knowledge now that the FBI, DOJ, and DNC were working together, taking falsehoods to a FISA court.

DOJ Employed ‘Reverse Spying’ in Attempt to Shut Down Investigation into Russia Collusion Hoax: Devin Nunes (

The public didn’t know about the collusion at the time. But the FBI and DOJ knew that Nunes’ team knew. They targeted his lawyers to find out what they knew and what they planned to do. A report shows Nunes said the FBI and DOJ tried to blackmail his staff into suppressing the investigation.

They weren’t looking for criminals. They wanted intelligence and blackmail to stop the leaks. Nunes said the DOJ’s reverse spying failed, and he was able to expose the DOJ, FBI, and DNC’s efforts to bring down President Trump. Nunes explained that if the DOJ was following the law, it should have informed Nunes when it demanded Google to hand over personal email and phone data from two senior intelligence members of Nunes’ team investigating the Russia hoax.

Nunes said the DOJ never warned him about his staffers. The DOJ acted without a valid predicate and lied. Nunes believes the DOJ was there to gather intelligence on his team as they conducted their investigation and to find blackmail to prevent this information and the DOJ’s involvement in the collusion from being uncovered.

Nunes said no one at the DOJ or FBI had paid the price for spying on his team or been held accountable for the harassment of Donald Trump. Nunes vowed to pursue every legal avenue to expose the DOJ’s continued corruption and denial. According to subpoenas obtained by Just the News, the Justice Department secretly investigated Nunes’ staff in 2017.

The subpoenas weren’t revealed until Google’s five-year wait period ended in December. Google’s policy requires alerting customers five years after the government requests personal records.

As we’ve recently learned, Big Tech companies such as Google are practically an arm of the US Government.