DOJ Asks Supreme Court To Present Arguments In Abortion Case

( The Biden Justice Department has asked the Supreme Court to present arguments in an upcoming case that challenges a new abortion law in Mississippi in the hopes of stopping any possibility of Roe v. Wade being ruled against.

It comes during a backdrop of bitter division over the matter of abortion, with the recent Texas Heartbeat Bill becoming law and prohibiting the practice of abortion on fetuses over the age of six weeks.

The Justice Department also recently sued the state of Texas over the law, asking a federal judge to temporarily block the implementation of the new legislation in order to determine whether or not it is constitutional.

No evidence has been provided to suggest that stopping the abortion of fetuses with heartbeats is unconstitutional, however.

Oral arguments in the case challenging a similar law in Mississippi are expected to start on December 1, and the request from the Justice Department to get directly involved demonstrates just how serious the Democrats think this is.

They really believe that the Supreme Court could reveal the unconstitutionality of Roe v. Wade.

According to a report by The New York Times, acting Solicitor General Brian Fletcher has filed legal briefs for the case. He is one of 40 total parties to file a brief in the upcoming Supreme Court case, supporting the Jackson Women’s Health Organization which is the lone abortion provider in the state of Mississippi.

We’ll provide updates on the case as it happens, and the oral arguments when they begin on December 1.