Disturbing Drug Operation Targeting Kids Isn’t Being Investigated

Children have been the target of transgender activists’ nasty tactics around the nation for a number of years. However, PhD candidate Eli Erlick from UC Santa Cruz has discovered a novel—and entirely unlawful—method of exploiting our country’s youth.

Erlick, a damaged and unredeemable person, has previously called for the murder of Supreme Court justices. On the day Roe v. Wade was reversed, the call was made. The owner of Libs of Tiktok, Chaya Raichik, discovered that Erlick had been smuggling hormone medicines to transgender children across North America back in August.

Erlick openly advertises her illegal scheme on her social media platforms. Erlick boasts in the post below about how she operates in defiance of state law. She also mentions that she gives her underage clients spironolactone, estradiol, and testosterone.

Erlick also tells an Instagram follower that her business is transnational, making it illegal on the federal level. The PhD student boasted to Raichik on Wednesday that her company is going well and thanked Raichik for the “free promotion.” However, how does Erlick initially get her supplies to her helpless and weak targets? After all, every drug trafficking enterprise has a point of distribution.

There is a very good chance that CVS Health is the answer to this. Raichik wonders if CEO Karen Lynch is unaware of Erlick’s evil deeds. Raichik has informed the DEA and FBI about Erlick’s evil plan on numerous occasions through tips. The agencies’ disregard for the petitions is hardly surprising considering that they see Erlick as a brave rebel with a noble cause. This is what Raichik believes to be the most likely scenario.

Erlick’s hazardous and brutal deeds must be exposed in order to be stopped, and as many as possible must be. This may encourage additional states to outlaw hormonal therapy for minors and to arrest those who prey on young children.  The corporate media will criticize states that safeguard children, but they will fail to sympathetically show the sale of illegal substances to minors.

Like they did with Florida when the state passed legislation to safeguard children, the people will support patriots. The need for investigative journalism in America has never been greater than it is right now. We will lose a generation of youngsters to predators like Eli Erlick if journalists are unwilling to expose the dark realities affecting our country.