Disney’s New Spokeswoman is an Obama and Hillary Alum

(PresidentialInsider.com)- In an effort to better communicate with regular Americans, the Disney corporation decided to hire a new top spokeswoman known for having her finger on the pulse of the common people.

Okay, not really.

This week Disney hired a former Hillary Clinton campaign spokeswoman, Kristina Schake as their executive vice president of global communications. In addition to working on the corrupt Clinton campaign, Schake is also an alum of both the Obama and Biden administrations.

Because if you need somebody to effectively manage messaging during a controversy you cause, always go with someone whose work history includes having to effectively manage messaging during controversies caused by Democrat politicians.

Not that Schake has a history of effectively doing anything. Her most recent job was serving as the head of Joe Biden’s nationwide COVID vaccine education campaign. And we all know how badly that went.

Unless Disney wants Schake to make a complete train wreck of their global communications, given how disastrous the Biden administration’s vaccine rollout and messaging campaign has been, why pick her?

Answer. Because she’s connected.

Disney’s chief corporate affairs officer, Geoff Morrell, inadvertently gave the game away when announcing that Schake was hired when he pointed out her political connections will be a valuable asset to the company.

If Schake really wants to get Disney’s self-inflicted controversy under control, the first thing she should do is tell Disney heiress Abigail to stop going on CNN and insulting parents who object to their small children being exposed to radical “trans” and “queer” indoctrination.

Disney’s “messaging” problem is entirely the fault of Disney.

CEO Bob Chapek, facing a small minority of outraged Leftist employees decided to wade into the debate over Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill. Initially, he resisted the shrieking complainers and tried to steer clear of political spats. But like so many other CEOs who are targeted by a small, very vocal minority, Chapek caved.

As a result, parents’ rights advocates began looking closely at Disney and discovered the company’s own attempts at indoctrinating young children in “trans” and “queer” ideologies.

No amount of “communications” hires in the world can dig Disney out of the mess it created.