Disney’s CEO Moved To Florida

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Disney employees are evidently in disarray by the company’s decision to move 2,000 employees from California to Florida and blame CEO Bob Chapek for the “chaos.”

The company decided to postpone the planned transition to 2026. According to a number of Disney employees, this delay has confirmed what many people previously believed: Bob Chapek is not to be trusted.

To its new site in Lake Nona, Florida, just north of Orlando, The Walt Disney Co. plans to move about 2,000 California employees. Disney announced last week that it is delaying the relocation by nearly four years, claiming that the delay is due to the campus’s revised completion date rather than the company’s ongoing conflict with Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

The employees who are supposed to migrate are suffering greatly due to the delay.

Many people were upset. This is “pure chaos,” said one worker. Another worker said this messes with people’s lives and school plans. And still, others say that when it comes to the logistics of the move, Disney has abandoned them.

According to insiders, employees who had previously said no to moving but are now considering it due to the revised timeframe must get in touch with HR again to discuss options. However, in many cases, the positions held by those individuals have already been filled in Florida. It has been stated that off-site HR specialists engaged in handling the matter are apparently proving unresponsive and unhelpful.

Some employees are apparently finding Disney’s refusal to let those who have decided to make a move change their minds or delay it “strange” and “bizarre.”

Due to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education statute, which forbids teaching transgenderism to young children in kindergarten through third grade, some Disney employees do not want to relocate there.

Many Disney employees still hold grudges toward CEO Bob Chapek because he at first refrained from becoming engaged in Florida politics. Woke employees demanded Disney’s radical LGBTQ activism, and in the end, Chapek gave in to their demands.

Therefore, Florida took away Disney World’s exclusive tax and self-governing powers in Orlando.

So far this year, Disney shares have plunged a staggering 40%.