Disgraced Chinese Lab Partner Gets A Gift From U.S. Government

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Last week, EcoHealth Alliance, the nonprofit group at the center of the COVID controversy, announced that it had been awarded a $1 million grant to “predict and prevent future pandemics.”

EcoHealth in partnership with Boston University received a $1 million grant as part of the National Science Foundation’s Predictive Intelligence for Pandemic Prevention Phase I, the purpose of which is for scientists to “strategize methods of early infectious disease detection and intervention.”

How about we just don’t permit EcoHealth Alliance to conduct gain-of-function research at a Chinese military-linked lab?

There. Saved the American taxpayer a million dollars.

As Senator Joni Ernst put it on Twitter last Wednesday, handing a million dollars to EcoHealth Alliance to study preventing future pandemics would be like “paying a suspected arsonist to conduct fire safety inspections.”

It was EcoHealth Alliance’s director, Peter Daszak who was knee-deep in the research conducted at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and who later did his best to hide the origin of the coronavirus outbreak.

In March, Vanity Fair reported that Daszak was likely placed on the initial World Health Organization investigation into the Wuhan Institute of Virology, not at the request of US officials, but at the request of Beijing.

In 2020, the WHO carried out a “fact-finding mission” to China to determine the origins of COVID-19 which included an inspection of the Wuhan lab. Among the 11 scientists assigned to the investigation was Peter Daszak.

Daszak’s participation was known at the time. However, according to Vanity Fair, US officials and even one of Daszak’s former colleagues were surprised that he was among those “experts” selected.

The World Health Organization gave Beijing “veto power” over the people selected and all three of the experts suggested by the United States were rejected by the Chinese. According to Vanity Fair, one former EcoHealth Alliance staffer believes Daszak was selected by the Chinese.

The staffer told the outlet that if Daszak was not among those floated by US officials, then his name was chosen by the Chinese government.

Vanity Fair asked Daszak how he came to be on that initial investigation. He told the outlet that the World Health Organization had contacted him and asked that he serve on the group. Daszak said he “initially refused,” but the WHO’s arguments were so “persuasive,” that he decided it was his “duty as a scientist to support the origins investigation.”

“Support” or “carefully steer?”