Did ‘Masked Singer’ Editors Cut Giuliani? Premiere Has Internet Buzzing

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Remember the reports that the judges on the popular reality TV show “The Masked Singer” walked off stage when Mayor Rudy Giuliani pulled off his mask and revealed himself? Well, reports are now suggesting that Giuliani was cut from the show.

When the show made its premiere this month, former Trump advisor Rudy Giuliani did not make his expected appearance.

The show aired on Fox and the premiere ended with celebrity chef Duff Goldman unmasking himself and singing the 1980s rock song “Working for the Weekend” by Loverboy.

Rumors swirled before the airing of the show that Giuliani would be a contestant, but all is not lost. Giuliani may still be on the show, according to Newsweek.

The news outlet spoke to Jean Guerin, the vice president of publicity and corporate communications at Fox, who said that the show’s format usually features three groups across the season and that the groups are not always taped sequentially – so they don’t know the order in which they will air.

Newsweek says that Giuliani’s appearance has not, in fact, been cut from the show – so if you were looking forward to seeing America’s Mayor singing songs in a weird outfit, you’re in luck.

It means we’ll finally see what happened when Giuliani revealed himself. Reports suggest that judge Ken Keong walked off the set with fellow judge Robin Thicke, only to return to the show later on.