Desperate News Reporter Claims “F Joe Biden” Chant Is Really “Let’s Go, Brandon!”

( If you’ve seen the “Let’s Go, Brandon!” meme being shared by conservatives across the Twittersphere and beyond and wondered what they’re talking about…we’ve got you covered!

They’re not actually cheering on somebody called Brandon.

During an interview on Saturday with NASCAR driver Brandon Brown at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama, an NBC reporter attempted to hide the fact that the crowd behind him was shouting “F*ck Joe Biden!”.

Brown, who had just scored his first-ever NASCAR Xfinity Series victory was talking to the press, was interrupted by the NBC journalist who claimed that the audience behind him was chanting “Let’s Go, Brandon!”.

They definitely weren’t.

See for yourself:

Brown’s win is certainly a good one. The Saturday race at the Talladega Superspeedway was called for darkness six laps from the scheduled distances, and when he won, Brown could be heard in his radio shouting, “Wow, just wow, oh my God, this is a dream come true!”

Either the NBC reporter was so wrapped up in the game that the chant really did sound like “Lets Go, Brandon!” or this was just another instance of NBC covering for Joe Biden.

Let’s face it, the network should be aware at this point that there is a trend of audiences of college football and other sports games shouting “F*ck Joe Biden!”.

Originating at college football games, the chant was also heard recently during a game at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

The Old Row Twitter account has been sharing videos of the chant breaking out at games in recent weeks, and just posted a new video of the audience chanting the insulting anti-Biden phrase during a New York Jets game.

Let’s Go, Media Censorship!