DeSantis Probe Moves Forward – Officials Express Concern

At the beginning of this month, Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, submitted a request to the state supreme court asking for an order to impanel a statewide grand jury to investigate any potential wrongdoing related to COVID-19 vaccines.

Health officials worried after Florida Supreme Court approves DeSantis’ COVID-19 vaccine probe – TheBlaze

On Thursday, the judge allowed him to proceed with his case. Because of this, many health officials and self-proclaimed experts are concerned about the effect this truth-finding mission may have on the public’s faith in the medical establishment and their willingness to vaccinate. The petition to the governor made mention of the fact that the pharmaceutical industry has a shameful history of intentionally misinforming the general public for the purpose of financial gain.

Concerns have been expressed over the veracity of the claims made by the pharmaceutical companies that produce COVID-19 vaccines, in particular those claims pertaining to transmission, prevention, efficacy, and safety. To determine whether or not the pharmaceutical industry has participated in fraudulent practices, there should be an investigation into the matter. “The people of Florida have a right to be informed of the facts,” the petition stated.

Florida high court OKs grand jury probe of COVID-19 vaccines – The Washington Post

The request made by DeSantis for the seven-member court to “get more information and bring legal accountability for those who committed misconduct” was granted on December 22. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the grand jury will also have the ability to consider “other criminal activity or wrongdoing that the statewide grand jury uncovers during the course of the investigation” as well as behavior that is part of an “organized criminal conspiracy.”

Justice Renatha Francis, who DeSantis appointed, cast the only vote against the motion, which received five yes votes and one abstention. The Tallahassee Democrat reports that the resultant grand jury will be impaneled for a period of one year and that the chief judge for Florida’s Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, Ronald Ficarrotta, will serve as the presiding judge for the entire duration of the proceeding.

Some of the health officials are shaken up as a result of this outcome.