Dershowitz Sues Netflix Over Documentary

( Famous attorney Alan Dershowitz, who is best known for his work in criminal and constitutional law, filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against online TV streaming platform Netflix. Dershowitz alleges that the platform’s documentary about dead billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein pushed “false allegations of sexual misconduct.”

The lawsuit focuses on the “Filthy Rich” four-party documentary series that aired in May 2020. Dershowitz is seeking $80 million in damages from the company, citing the claims made by Virginia Giuffre, one of the most famous accusers of Epstein.

Giuffre said in the documentary that Epstein would send her to Dershowitz to engage in sex, but the attorney adamantly denies that he ever had any sexual relationship with any of the Epstein victims.

Dershowitz is tied up in the scandal for being a member of the legal defense team representing Epstein in 2006 when he negotiated a non-prosecution deal relating to charges of procuring a girl under the age of 18 for prostitution.

The lawsuit states that Netflix “leveraged Professor Dershowitz’s name to drive views of their mini-series” and that the platform defamed him with a “clever manipulation of facts.”

The suit continued that Netflix’s actions make a mockery of the First Amendment, truth, and the rights of victims who were hurt by Epstein and by other sex offenders.

Dershowitz is represented by attorney Philip Byler.

Virginia Giuffre has not commented on the lawsuit, nor have her representatives provided a comment at the time this report was written. However, a spokesperson from Netflix claimed that Dershowitz’s accusations are “without merit” and that the company will “vigorously defend” its partners as well as the documentary series.

Dershowitz has long faced criticism for his work with Jeffrey Epstein, but the fact remains that everyone is entitled to hire a lawyer to represent them even in the most disturbing criminal cases – and without attorneys willing to do that job, there would be no justice system.

We’ll report back as the case progresses.