Democrats Want To End This Anti-Pedophile “Smear”

( Left-leaning activist group Media Matters is pleading with Twitter to ban the word “groomer,” which it claims to be anti-LGBT.

Conservatives have decried child drag events and teachings on sexuality and gender identity aimed at young children using the term “groomer,” which means an adult who befriends a child without sufficient boundaries to prepare them for sexual assault. According to Media Matters, the term is being used to portray LGBT people as sexual predators. They encouraged Twitter to take action.

Mia Gingerich, a researcher for Media Matters who works in the organization’s LGBTQ Program, wrote in an article that this is one of the most recent violent acts as a result of a right-wing smear campaign on social media that has driven nationwide harassment and violence against members of the LGBTQ community and their allies.

She’s complained that Twitter has failed to take action to safeguard its users in the face of this focused hate campaign.

The report stated that the site continues to allow material supporting the abhorrent and flagrantly untrue charge that LGBTQ individuals are trying to sexually abuse children — a conspiracy theory with deeply ingrained anti-gay and anti-trans roots.

Reddit declared on Thursday that it would ban the use of the term “groomer” in reference to LGBT individuals.

James Lindsay, Libs of TikTok, and Jaimee Michell were all singled out in the Media Matters piece for using the phrase “groomer” on Twitter to call attention to instances of adults exchanging sexual information with kids. The group demanded that Twitter remove these people for violating its hateful behavior policy by using the term “groomer.”

The report referred to Lindsay as a “far-right author.” It claimed that he began routinely using the term “groomer” in February to criticize educators, schools, and other supporters of LGBT inclusion.

To better understand his usage of the phrase, Lindsay told the DCNF, “I started doing it in October.” He also recommended that people listen to his podcast, “Groomer Schools.”

After hearing his explanation, he told the DCNF they could decide for themselves.

Libs of TikTok or Media Matters did not immediately answer requests for a response from the DCNF.