Democrats Want To “Criminalize” This Next!

Democrats are fighting to keep power; their attack on free and fair voting shows that. Democrats want to criminalize election “misinformation.” According to far-left media, proposals include criminalizing election misinformation.

Democrats propose to ‘criminalize election misinformation’ | The Post Millennial |

Democrats call information that threatens their power “misinformation.” Concerns about ballot harvesting, mail-in voting, or misprinted ballots that voting machines can’t read are “misinformation,” they say. Reports show Maricopa County, Arizona, midterm election officials apologized forbroken machines.

But the state calls concerns about voting integrity misinformation. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson wants sweeping new rules and penalties for spreading misinformation that interferes with voting. These include complaints about voting procedures, machines, and misprinted ballot issues.

According to reports, last August, the House Oversight Committee claimed that the greatest current threat to democratic legitimacy comes from lies by domestic actors. They used their findings to push for federal election control. Rather than answering questions and addressing concerns, Democrats focus on restoring trust by silencing opposition questions.

The House Oversight Committee recommended designating a lead federal agency or office to counter election misinformation to coordinate with the lead agency on overall approaches, communication chains, and best practices for advancing accurate election information.

The lead agency should maintain contact with state and local election administrators, voter contact and registration organizations, and social media and legacy media platforms. The House Oversight Committee also recommended additional guidance for local law enforcement, FBI field offices, and others who work on the frontlines of elections.

Reports reveal that the Twitter Files exposed that the Biden administration was in touch with social media companies to push the administration’s narrative. Twitter employees did as they were told due to their bias and government pressure.

Many states are moving toward automatic voter registration, so they’re registered when they interact with the government for other reasons, like getting a driver’s license. Democrats want to register those who are not yet eligible to vote, expand early voting, mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, and drop boxes.

If the public stays ‘asleep,’ they will awaken to a banana republic