Democrats Shaken After Researchers Find Terrible Polling In The Suburbs

( The Democrat Party has an uphill battle before November’s critical midterm elections. There is a slew of issues; inflation, rising energy prices, soaring food prices, unpopular Covid mandates.

One bit of data has shaken them to their core.

In a private House Democratic Caucus meeting, the left got very bracing news. They are losing the suburbs in Illinois.

A poll showed Gov. JB Pritzker is losing in suburban districts, lagging behind Republican governor candidates Richard Irvin and Darren Bailey.

The poll explored issues that may be top priorities for voters. The number one issue was crime, Chicago being amongst the most violent cities nationwide.

The caucus was asked to keep the data private.

Even more concerning, a poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal suggests President Biden and the Democratic Party have lost voters’ trust.

Biden enjoyed a bump in his national approval rating after showing strong support for Ukraine, but nearly 60% of voters disapprove of his job performance. The poll surveyed 1,500 known registered voters. They said they no longer trust the Democratic Party to handle important issues. COVID-19 and public education were critical, and neither matter showed a majority of voters who approved of the Biden administration’s leadership.

41% still believe Democrats can handle the nation’s COVID-19 response. Only 38% of voters believe the Democrats are moving in the right direction on public education.

When polled on the handling of inflation and the failing American economy, Biden and the Democratic Party received failing grades.

More voters trust that the Republicans have a better plan to move the economy in the right direction.

“This is a five-alarm fire for the Democratic Party,” Tom Beaven, who founded Real Clear Politics, said.

Even more shocking, a poll among Democratic Capitol Hill staffers showed that only 20% of them feel House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer should remain as leaders after the midterms.

The poll found that a whopping 62 percent of Democratic staffers said Democratic leadership should change no matter the outcome of the midterms.

Republicans only need to pick up five seats to regain the House majority this November.

House Democrats expect a brutal midterm election, many not even seeking reelection, preferring to save face by walking away.

The ones jumping ship have been asked to stay and run for re-election, but the writing is on the wall. Many expect a significant red wave as Biden’s approval ratings tank.