Democrats Are Worried Zelensky Just Helped The GOP

( As the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, addressed congress on a huge screen in DC, many democrats in the room had a sinking feeling that the GOP were being handed a commercial to be played entering the midterm elections.

Zelentkyy called Biden the leader of the U.S., but wished he’d be the leader of the world, and that leader is a “leader for peace.”

The GOP has always maintained that Biden has been weak on Russia, and Senator John Kennedy summed it up nicely when he called him “Bambi’s baby brother.” He said Biden has done some things right, referencing sanctions that have hurt Russia, but the list is a “short one.” He also pointed out that he’s been reluctant to arm Ukraine, and that is no way to win a war.

Following the speech, Mitch McConnell said that Biden needs to “step up his game.”
Others said that Biden has enjoyed decent intelligence but failed to act on any of it, and his strategies have been “underwhelming.”

Biden has been very proud of his measured actions, patience and restraint, but it’s the last thing the Ukrainians need, with many strategists concerned that the fecklessness Biden is displaying is alarming.

New York congresswoman Claudia Tenney said, “we’re sending a message of weakness, and we’re inviting the type of aggression that you could potentially see in leaders like Xi Jinping of China, and the mullahs in Iran and North Korea.”

She went on to say that when the U.S. Is weak, and not in control of our enemies, like Russia and China, “you’re seeing chaos in the world.”

The Democrats are in a bit of a panic, with one strategist saying that it is a very real possibility that this speech, which called out Biden, will really hurt in the midterms.
“I know we keep saying we’re doing everything we can, but clearly there’s a lot more we could be doing, and I’m not just talking about sending in troops… You could easily see Republicans making hay out of it, “ he feared.
With soaring inflation, soaring gas prices, Covid fatigue, world instability, and a president that doesn’t seem to be up to the challenges, the Democrats have more to worry about than just the midterms. They have to worry about their “one-termer.”