Democratic Michigan Governor, Who Won’t Give $100 Per Week To Unemployed State Workers, Will Build Very Expensive Electric Border Wall Around Her Home With Taxpayer Funds

( Gretchen Whitmer, the Democratic governor of Michigan, who once repeatedly bashed President Donald Trump for wanting to build a wall is now building one of her own.

The state-owned residence where Whitmer lives is undergoing security upgrades to the tune of $1.1 million. Part of those taxpayer funds will go toward building a perimeter fence that is eight feet tall.

In February 2017, Whitmer called President Trump’s border wall plan “costly and ineffective.” She tweeted:

“$40 BILLION for the wall. Think how many kids that would educate, how many roads, bridges and pipes it would fix.”

Now, the people of Michigan should be asking Whitmer the same thing in regard to her wall, which is projected to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In 2018, Whitmer also campaigned against the wall, saying at the time, “it is time we get back to building bridges, not walls.”

But apparently, that statement doesn’t apply to Michigan’s governor.

On Friday, the governor’s office told the Detroit News that the wall would help “ensure the safety, security and protection of any sitting governor and the first family.”

Whitmer says she has received threats recently, which necessitate the installation of a fence that is electrified. There are even signs currently posted around the fence that say “Danger. High voltage. Unauthorized persons keep out.”

Protests have been held near her home in Lansing and that of Andy Schor, the mayor of the city. The governor’s response to that is to protect herself and her family by building a wall.

Seems like an odd response. Some other options could be encouraging the residents of her state to protest peacefully. And if they don’t, she could always work with law enforcement to handle the situation and quell any potential violence that erupts.

Building a border wall around her home doesn’t send the message that she has control of her state.

It’s not just Whitmer herself who is a hypocrite in this case, either. One of her top advisors, attorney general Dana Nessel, said the February 2019 emergency declaration Trump made to fund the border wall was a “publicity stunt.”

While the Michigan Democrats don’t believe a border wall with Mexico is effective, they apparently think one around the gubernatorial compound will be.

All this comes at a time when Whitmer is keeping the purse strings closed tight for spending that would actually help the people of Michigan.

When President Trump issued his executive order that gave a $300-per-week federal boost to unemployment benefits, he asked governors of all states to use state funds to add another $100 more per week. Whitmer refused to do that for the people of Michigan.

So, not only is she not chipping in a measly $100 per week that each unemployed worker in Michigan could desperately use, she’s now willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a border protection wall that will literally only serve the needs of one family — her own.