Democrat Star Hauls In $1.4 Million

( A newbie liberal has raised an impressive amount of campaign funds in his fight to unseat California Republican Representative Young Kim.

Dr. Asif Mahmood, who only threw his name into the ring this January, will soon announce that he raised $1.4 million during the first quarter, according to media outlet The Hill. Mahmood is one of the candidates who’s hoping to run against Kim in what is a district in California that was newly created by redistricting.

In addition to that impressive amount of money for a relative no-name, the doctor who was born in Pakistan has also received some endorsements from prominent liberals.

Part of that, though, could be coming because he’s the only Democratic candidate who is running in the primary for his district.

Kim has raised a lot of money as well, though. The last figures she reported were for the final quarter of 2021, when she raised $1.2 million. She also ended last year with $2.5 million on hand at her disposal.

The GOP candidate’s fundraising totals for the first quarter of this year aren’t available yet. She did, however, raise a record $1.23 million during the second quarter in 2020.

That year, she raised a whopping $6.42 million total. That led to her winning the race against Democratic Representative Gil Cisneros, who was the incumbent at the time.

California has some different rules for primaries. Election law in the state says that all the primary candidates face off against each other in a primary. Then, the top two vote-getting candidates move onto the general election, regardless of what party they are from.

That means there could be two Republicans running against each other in the general election, or it could be one Republican versus Mahmood.

The district is extremely competitive, but it’s still expected that Kim and Mahmood are the two candidates who are likely to emerge after the primary.

But, one of the GOP challengers is gaining some steam. Greg Raths only lost a seat for the House in 2020 by a narrow margin, and he’s been courted by many people who operate within the political orbit of former President Donald Trump. He’s also a former colonel in the Marines.

The Cook Political Report says that this new district, which is located in Orange County, is very competitive. That being said, the Report believes that it will likely end up in Republicans’ hands.

The redistricting process across the country has reduced the number of districts that are being termed as competitive for the crucial midterm elections later this year. And wherever they have the chance, Democrats are going to pounce on their Republican counterparts.

They don’t have a choice but to do so, as they hold only a very slim majority in the House and only a technical majority in the Senate. If they lose even one seat in the Senate, they will lose control of the upper chamber.

And over in the House, the prospects look grim. Typically speaking, if the majority party in the House is the same as a first-term president, that party loses seats during the first midterm elections.

With President Joe Biden “maintaining” approval ratings in the low 40s, that could mean utter disaster for the left in the House.