Democrat Senator Tells FBI To Drop Their “Woke” Actions

( Tulsi Gabbard, the former Democratic Congressman for Hawaii who unsuccessfully ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020, recently called on the Federal Bureau of Investigation to ditch the woke politics and start doing their job.

Gabbard was specifically taking aim at the FBI’s investigation into protests and objections by parents at school board meetings. Many parents all over the country have attended these meetings to express their disgust at schools teaching their children that their future can be determined based on their race, that Black children are victims and that White children are oppressors.

In a tweet, Gabbard said that the FBI should stop trying to be “woke” and “politically correct” by targeting parents who “care about what schools are teaching their children.” Instead, she said, they should “focus on actual threats like the jihadist who terrorized the Texas synagogue.”

Careful, Tulsi. Telling truths like that will get you branded “alt right”…

Gabbard was referencing the incident last Saturday at a Texas synagogue where a man, Malik Faisal Akram – a man who has ties to various radical Islamist groups – took a rabbi and several other people hostage. Thankfully the rabbi was able to distract the man after 10 hours of being held hostage and everybody escaped.

The FBI told the media shortly after that the man was not holding Jewish people hostage in the synagogue for any anti-semitic or political purposes, but it was later revealed that he was on Britain’s MI5 watch list.

Gabbard has a point.