Democrat “Dark Money” Scheme Linked To Terrifying Agenda

( In May, a group called Accountable Tech launched a corporate boycott to oppose Elon Musk’s quest to purchase Twitter.

Opportunity Wisconsin, a “coalition of Wisconsin residents,” blasted Republican senator Ron Johnson for his tax policies.

In Arizona, a group called Just Democracy criticized Democratic senator Kyrsten Sinema for not supporting the Biden administration’s legislative agenda.

What do all these groups have in common?

They don’t exist.

According to corporate documents, these are all registered trade names for the North Fund, a nonprofit organization that employs aliases to promote various left-wing causes.

Political watchdogs think the fund, which isn’t compelled to identify its contributors, will probably play a significant dark-money role in the midterms. While “astroturf” groups are nothing new in politics, detractors claim the North Fund is a new breed that focuses on electoral politics rather than issue advocacy.

CRC researcher Hayden Ludwig says they’re as partisan as possible. Their money has been concentrated on Senate contests, ballot initiatives, and a few other things. Their objective is to solidify Democratic congressional majorities.

Former Clinton adviser Jim Gerstein leads the 2018-founded North Fund. It operates under at least eight trade names, including “51 for 51” and “Voting Rights Lab Action,” which advocate for Democratic voting policy improvements.

Critics say organizations like the North Fund can have an outsized impact on the private sector because corporations have a hard time discerning their work from grassroots groups.
The North Fund collected $66 million in 2020, almost all from major donors. Over 93% came from $1 million+ donations.

The North Fund is obligated to reveal gift amounts but not donor names.

Despite its size and significance, the North Fund is essentially invisible. When the Free Beacon visited its downtown D.C. office, managed by Carr Workplaces, the front desk clerk indicated the North Fund utilizes the location but doesn’t have a presence there. “I’m not sure where they are,” he replied.

According to tax filings, the North Fund is administered by Arabella Advisors, a Democratic consulting business. An IRS official informed the Free Beacon that nonprofit organizations must give tangible copies of this information upon request.

But Arabella’s lobby receptionists informed the Free Beacon that the business ordered them to turn away all outside guests.

The Free Beacon found the Sixteen Thirty Fund and the New Venture Fund’s D.C. office space vacant.

The groups had recently walked out, leaving behind a few office chairs, the Arabella Advisors logo, and a note taped to a radiator.

The note read, “Loose Lips Sink Ships.”