Democrat Candidate Defends Putting Illicit Material In School

( Dr. Karen Green, the vice chair of the Florida Democratic Party and the party’s contender for the 7th congressional district in Florida, has had, to put it mildly, a colorful past.

Democrats in Florida’s 7th congressional district chose someone who has worked as a political operative for close to fifteen years, although most Democrats in America and the state of Florida are looking to political newcomers to represent them in the upcoming midterm elections.

Dr. Karen Green spent years working for Barack Obama’s political organization Organize for America and served as the Caribbean Director for both Obama and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns. She was a Regional Field Director for Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign in Florida.

Green handled even Bill and Hillary Clinton’s advance during the 2016 campaign in the Caribbean.

Dr. Green served as Hillary Clinton’s top lieutenant during the Democratic National Convention when she faced a credible convention challenge from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. She assisted Clinton in whipping delegates for the former secretary of state, who many believed stole the nomination from Sanders through delegate intimidation and improper use of Democrat party resources that were made available only to the Clinton campaign.

Green has stated in several interviews that the Democrat party needs to find and support people to run for elected office who are “seasoned” members of the Democrat party who have earned their right to hold elected office. Green seems to subscribe to the “It’s my turn, the nomination is mine” mentality of Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

Karen Green, a former aide to President Joe Biden, is an avid supporter of gun control and believes discussing gang or a drug-related gun crime is racist. She has also claimed that math and science textbooks were taken out of public schools because of Governor DeSantis’ efforts to pull “WOKE” racial, political, and sexual politics out. She seems upset that DeSantis prevented teachers from indoctrinating or sexualizing students.

Stephanie Green is running for Congress in Florida’s 7th district, which includes all of Seminole County and some areas of Volusia County. Green raised about $30,000 during her primary campaign, of which $12,000 came from a loan she paid to her campaign.

She could quickly generate campaign funds by using connections to the Clinton world or her former billionaire, Michael Bloomberg.