Del The Patriot Dead

( WWE wrestling star Del “The Patriot” Wilkes died last week at the age of 59. The tragic news was confirmed by the WWE on Thursday, and an obituary for the famous fighter was also shared.

WWE, which stands for “World Wrestling Entertainment” and is one of the biggest wrestling brands in the world, explained how Wilkes was a college football player before he decided to enter the world of wrestling. He studied at the University of South Carolina.

Tragically, a Facebook post from Wilkes’ mother revealed that he passed away following a heart attack.

Take a look at the clip below and you’ll see Wilkes in action.

He first joined the WWE and was known as “The Patriot” – a name that’s unquestionably politically incorrect and unacceptable now. Can you imagine a brand new wrestler coming out with a name like that?

You can just picture the faux outrage…

The WWE extended its condolences to Wilkes’ friends and family and said that one of his most memorable moments was his fight against Bret Harts just two months after he joined WWE.

For the last 16 years, Wilkes has been working in Columbia, South Carolina, as a car salesman, after leaving wrestling behind.

He hosted a podcast with Pastor Andy McDaniel, who said online that the world’s loss is “Heaven’s gain.”

In other WWE news, wrestling star Jimmy Uso was just arrested on Monday for a DUI, according to a report from TMZ. He was reportedly pulled over by officers in Pensacola, Florida, after he allegedly drove through a red light over the speed limit.

Officers smelled alcohol on the wrestler, and asked him to get out of the car. He then failed a field sobriety test and was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor DUI.