Decorated ex-Homeland agent: Americans more vulnerable today to terrorism than before 9/11

( As the United States approaches the 20th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11, a former decorated agent with Homeland Security believes the country is more vulnerable to a terrorism attack today than it was back in 2001.

Eric Caron, a retired agent from Homeland Security, says weakened border enforcement, immigration policies and border enforcement combined with the messy exit from Afghanistan have all left the U.S. wide open for enemies to strike.

Caron, who is also an author, recently told Just the News:

“Are we safer today than we were before 9/11? Absolutely not. You know, our borders are wide open. And all we talk about right now is the southern border. No one’s paying attention to our northern border. And bad guys, as you know, and I know, will go wherever it’s soft.

“We’re not paying attention to our container ships that are coming into America. We have to understand our ports of entry, land ports, airports, seaports, they all need to be secure. We’re more vulnerable today than we have ever been, under this administration.”

During his time with Homeland Security, Caron’s focus was weapons of mass destruction and port security. He was also assigned in the Middle East to Dubai, so he knows a thing or two about the topic he’s talking about.

In 2011, he was recognized by the Justice Department under the Obama administration for his efforts to combat terrorism.

He recently said that one of America’s biggest failures in its ongoing war on terror is the inability of various agencies to prevent tax dollars in America from being defrauded and then diverted to terror networks.

He commented:

“I tried, at my level, but we needed leadership at the highest points of our government, the White House, if you will, the State Department, they all needed to understand we needed to fight corruption and the flow of dirty money from Afghanistan into Dubai, and other parts of the world … We failed to recognize that corruption did us in, if you will.”

Caron isn’t alone in these thoughts, either. Recently, former Democratic congressman Lee Hamilton wrote an op-ed that said many of the recommendations of the September 11 commission, which he co-chaired, haven’t been implemented still today. And that troubles him as the U.S. hasn’t shown the ability to thwart new terrorism organizations from blossoming.

In his op-ed piece, Hamilton wrote:

“The United States has also fallen short in addressing the upstream causes of terrorism. Our military and intelligence services are superb at finding, tracking, and eliminating terrorists. Yet it is easier to destroy threats than to rebuild societies. Prevention is less costly than military intervention, but it requires time and patient effort.”

Beyond just the holes in ports of entry, Caron believes the war “effort” in Afghanistan under the Biden administration has only increased the level of threat for more terrorist attacks.