Dean Caine Praises Joe Manchin For Standing Up To Liberals

( Conservative actor Dean Cain joined in showing his support for West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin standing up against Biden’s monstrous “Build Back Better” plan.

On Monday, the former Superman actor and vocal conservative tweeted “Way to go @Sen_JoeManchin!!!”

After one angry Leftist replied to his tweet demanding to know how one Senator is given so much power to stop the President’s agenda, Cain pointed out that it isn’t just “one Senator,” but fifty-one Senators who oppose the bill.

Cain, one of the few openly conservative actors in Hollywood, has consistently spoken out against the Left. And his show of support for Senator Manchin is in stark contrast to what most celebrities were feeling over Manchin’s resounding “No.”

On Monday, the odious actress Bette Midler tweeted her rage over Senator Manchin, and in her tweet, Midler turned her venom on the people of West Virginia, calling them “poor, illiterate and strung out.”

Her hateful tweet was met with so much blowback, Midler was forced to apologize “to the good people of West Virginia.” But even in her apology, Midler was just as vicious. She accused Joe Manchin and his family of being “a criminal enterprise” and demanded to know if Manchin was really the best the state had to offer its citizens, claiming they deserve better.

Of course, what Midler meant is that she wants a West Virginia Senator who, instead of voting the way the people of West Virginia want, would vote the way she and her fellow Leftists want.

On Wednesday, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice appeared on Fox News where he blasted Leftists like Midler for attacking his state.

Justice said West Virginians are “very proud” of Joe Manchin’s decision and that he is doing everything he can to stop “this terrible, terrible carnage that’s happening from Washington.”