Deadly Snake Species Found That Can Paralyze Victims

( A new species of snake from the Gloydius genus has been discovered in China. And while the venom from Gloydius snakes is generally not fatal, it is potent enough to leave human victims paralyzed if untreated.

The newly discovered Gloydius lateralis was found in the hot, dry Zharu Valley of the Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve in the Sichuan province of China.

According to researchers, the snake is about 18” long with a murky green/brown color with four rows of dark brown zigzag patches. It feeds on small mammals and grows active on sunny days.

According to Dr. Shengchao Shi, the Gloydius lateralis, like all snakes from the Gloydius genus, is venomous. He said he didn’t believe the bite would be mild since bites by Gloydius snakes cause great pain and, if not treated quickly, may cause “physical disability.”

Gloydius venom contains blood poison which can cause swelling. But usually, their bite is not lethal.

The scientists found the new snake while they were in the Zharu Valley collecting various specimens of Gloydius snakes, a genus of venomous pit vipers common in Asia.

The Gloydius genus is part of the larger Crotalinae sub-family of snakes, which also includes species found in the United States, like rattlesnakes and copperheads.

The newly discovered Gloydius lateralis is similar to the known species Gloydius swild, but with some key differences.

The lateralis has larger eyes than the swild and has a continuous brown stripe along each dorsolateral side of the body from which the lateralis gets its name.