Crowd Chants “Four More Years” As Trump Joins Players At Tournament

( As President Trump joined players at the LIV Tourney in Bedminster, golf fans chanted, “Four More Years!”

Marjorie Taylor Greene attended the LIV event on Saturday with President Trump at his Bedminster golf course in affluent New Jersey.

The president was spotted with Caitlyn Jenner as well. During the Pro/Am competition, Jenner was paired with golfer Paul Casey.

The crowd began screaming, “Four more years!” as President Trump joined the golfers on the course.

When Joe Biden enters a public space, Americans yell FJB or demand cash for gas.

While President Donald Trump was campaigning for the 2020 election, he was being criticized on a national scale for playing down the seriousness of the COVID-19 outbreak. One of the criticisms was the size of his rallies. Rather than talk about how popular he was, they used it to say how irresponsible he was.

Meanwhile, the enthusiasm for Joe Biden was lacking, and it still is. But the same critics tried to say his ghost town rallies were evidence of his supporter’s diligence about being solid social distancing citizens.


The Biden campaign hosted small-scale rallies in 2020. Biden hardly emerged from his basement. While Democratic leaders criticized Trump’s event attendance during a pandemic, they desperately tried to turn his lack of attendance into a positive.

Rep. Gwen Moore, D-WI, stated, “Trump doesn’t heed to CDC guidelines, supports these super spreader events, and I feel so terribly for his fans.”

Democrats at the time were pleading with people to look past policy, but Biden had none. They did, however, claim that Joe Biden is more compassionate and moral than Trump.

The question remains – why did they hold any rally at all? How would they know how many people would show up and keep it from being a “super-spreader”?

The truth is, Biden is not popular. His ratings are all the proof you need.

How did he garner the most votes in the history of any presidential election?