CRAZY: Michael Moore Says Biden Is Going For “White Racist Redneck Votes In Michigan”

( Far-left filmmaker Michael Moore, who recently publicly suggested making a movie that depicted vigilantes murdering police officers, said over the weekend that he thinks Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is going for the vote of racists.

Moore, who has repeatedly criticized the Democrats for failing to connect with normal Americans on several key issues, slammed Biden for accepting the endorsement of yet another so-called conservative. This time it was former Republican Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, who published an opinion piece in USA Today claiming Trump “has not unified the nation.”

Moore objected to the accepting of the endorsement, which in reality is just another notch on Biden’s bedpost when it comes to neocons siding with the Democrats over Trump, suggesting it was a sign that Democrats want support from racists.

“The Biden campaign, in an effort to convince Flint voters to stay home on Nov 3 and lose Michigan again, happily announced & embraced the endorsement of former Gov. Rick Snyder – the man who poisoned Flint’s water,” he said.

“10,000 children [with] permanent brain damage. Countless dead. Shame!” he added.

Then, in a follow-up Tweet, Moore showed what he really thinks about regular Americans.

“So the Biden campaign thought getting a few more White racist redneck votes in Michigan was more important than getting the Black vote in Flint?” he asked, without considering the insanity of his own suggestion.

Why would racists vote for a party that endorses Black Lives Matter, or for President Donald Trump whose family is Jewish and has condemned white nationalists on numerous occasions?

“Apologize & retract NOW,” Moore said.

Moore perhaps realized that suggesting Biden wants the support of racists could put people off, so clarified that he will “vote for Biden” but “will not lie for Biden.”

So Michael Moore is voting for a man who, he believes, is courting the support of racists. That’s some real conviction, huh?