Court Fines Baker For Not Baking Cake

( Remember the gay wedding cake and Christian bakery scandal? Well, the outrage is back, and this time it’s a controversy about a “transition” cake.

If you’ve ever heard of such a thing.

On Tuesday, a court in Denver fined Masterpiece Cakeshop, a bakery co-owned by Jack Philips, for refusing to make a cake for a transgender woman who was celebrating her birthday and transition.

A lawsuit was filed in 2017 by Autumn Scardina after she claimed the baker refused to bake a cake with blue and pink icing, which symbolized her transition from male to female.

Philips told the court that his bakery refused to make the cake because of the message that it would convey, specifically that it is possible for a person to change their gender and that such a transition should be celebrating. Philips doesn’t believe that either of these messages should be promoted.

And believe it or not…Philips is the same baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple back in 2012! The very same baker…which really makes you wonder whether this trans person went out of their way to find a baker that they knew might deny them service, and who they may be able to sue and make a few bucks.

Just a thought…

In 2018, the Supreme Court ruled that Philips’ First Amendment Rights were violated by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, which previously meant that Philips could not refuse to serve the couple. It means that while Judge Bruce Jones from the Denver District Court just forced Scardina to pay a $500 fine for violating the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act, there could be another Supreme Court ruling on the way for this case too.

Kristen Waggoner, an attorney from the Alliance Defending Freedom who defended Philips, said that the decision will be appealed to “defend the freedom of all Americans” to live and work according to their beliefs “without fear of punishment.”

Waggoner noted that Philips serves all people without discrimination, but should not be forced by the law to create cakes with messages that violate his beliefs.

Do you really think that this person just accidentally stumbled on a Christian bakery that wouldn’t create their pro-trans cake?