Conservative Bank Accounts Are Suddenly Being Shut By Leading Banks

Conservative bank accounts are suddenly being shut by leading banks, signaling the beginning of the social currency system in America, which conservative magazine American Pigeon had warned as early as September 2021 when the Biden administration began to pit the vaccinated and the unvaccinated against each other.

America’s Social Credit System is Here: Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Will Tear the Union Apart (

JPMorgan Chase Bank shut down the account of the controversial rapper Kanye “Ye” West. They were reportedly upset over his social media posts and recent stunt at a Paris fashion show where he and Candace Owens wore “White Lives Matter” shirts.

BREAKING: Bank of America Cancels Popular Conservative Twitter User Catturd’s Bank Account #BankofAmericaIsCommieTrash (

Shortly after, Bank of America then followed suit to shut down a popular conservative Twitter user who goes by the name Catturd.

No reason was given. But Catturd made his rebuke loudly to his 800,000 followers, writing, “Just so you know, Bank of America canceled our bank account for our podcast. When Jewels, my cohost, asked why they rudely said they didn’t need reason. Bank of America are commie POS losers. BEWARE!”

Twitter users then did some homework of their own, calling out Bank of America’s third-largest shareholder—Woke Blackrock, a financial group reportedly with strong ties to Communist China.

Stephanie 🇺🇸 on Twitter: “Bank of America’s 3rd largest stakeholder is BlackRock which is beholden to the CCP in case you didn’t know. #BankOfAmericaIsCommieTrash” / Twitter

In many other cases, the federal government is also toeing the left-wing line and encouraging the political divide by taking steps to move against those it deems its opponents.

The recent example being former President Donald Trump. Another example being the arrest by the FBI of pro-life activists who were singing hymns outside an abortion clinic and now face up to 11 years in prison.

BREAKING: FBI Arrests 87-Year-Old Concentration Camp Survivor for Singing Hymns Outside Abortion Clinic Door – Could Face Year in Federal Prison (

As American Pigeon reports, this behavior of the government is extremely dangerous as it sets a precedent for institutions that should not be politically vested. “As such, President Biden has so far remained complicit in the Democratic Party’s far-left wing solidification of America’s rising social credit system,” the outlet reports.

America’s Social Credit System is Here: Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Will Tear the Union Apart (

“Sucha system is indeed informal. It is not codified in any law code, but instead draws its power from a handful of kowtowed institutions as well as a depressingly submissive populace that blindly obeys the directives of distant bureaucrats.”