Congresswoman Says Biden Is A “Front Man” For Something Much Bigger

( Former Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard stated that when President Joe Biden went forward with plans for a Disinformation Governance Board, he was doing the bidding of his old boss, former President Barack Obama. She claimed, “Biden is just a frontman.”

Gabbard, who has been a vocal and critical opponent of President Joe Biden, explained in a tweet that the Biden administration unveiled the board’s intentions just days after Obama asked for a crackdown on disinformation.

Tulsi Gabbard then shared a Tweet with a video of her appearance on Sean Hannity’s show. In her statement, Gabbard said that every dictatorship has a propaganda arm- a “Ministry of Truth.” She accused the Biden Administration of joining the ranks by creating the Disinformation Governance Board. She continued by saying that the reason you see this type of action in dictatorships is that they are terrified of the people’s will—the fear of what will happen if people start thinking for themselves.

Gabbard went on to say that the board would work via the mainstream media to propagate whatever narrative it desired, using the public’s money against itself in order to drown out anyone with opposing ideas. The board would silence dissenting voices through intimidation, which they’ve already been doing for quite some time, but now they are making it official, she said.

Gabbard ended her appearance by saying that the American people now have the knowledge they need to rise up and fight back since the Biden administration had shown its hand in such a public way. She said that if there’s a silver lining in this, it is that they’re revealing exactly who they are. “We’re not going to let you get away with this crap!” she exclaimed. She encouraged citizens to take a stand and reject the oppression of free speech and to throw out the politicians who promote it.

“All freedom-loving Americans—Democrats, Republicans, Independents—need to reject such tyrants.”