Congressman Says Bible Tells Of UFOs In Shocking Statement

During a recent interview, Tennessee Republican Congressman Tim Burchett accused the government of a “huge cover-up” about the recent rise in UAP sightings and claimed that the prophet Ezekiel saw a UFO.

On January 12, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released an unclassified version of its annual report on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) in which it added 366 additional UAP sightings to what it had acknowledged in its annual report from last year.

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According to the office within the Department of Defense that tracks UAPs, more than half of the 366 additional sightings displayed “unremarkable characteristics.”

Of the additional sightings added, 26 were characterized as drones, 163 as balloon-like objects, and 6 as aerial clutter. That leaves only 171 unexplained. Some of those 171 exhibited “unusual flight characteristics or performances” requiring further analysis.

The latest assessment suggests that the increase in reported sightings may be partially due to the reduced stigma surrounding UAP sightings. The majority of the new reports come from Naval and Air Force aviators and operators who reported a UAP sighting through official channels.

When asked by News Nation host Natasha Zouves last Saturday what he thought of the 171 UAPs that displayed unusual flight characteristics, Congressman Burchett said he has long been a “believer” in UAPs.

He told Zouves that the object described in the first chapter of the book of Ezekielis pretty clearly a “UFO.” Burchett also questioned the honesty of the DNI report, saying he doesn’t trust the government. He said the government should release everything, adding that he thinks the American people can “handle it.”

He later said there is a “huge cover-up” and the government should “stop with all the shenanigans” because the country is “ready to know.”

Burchett’s reference to Ezekiel seeing a wheel in the sky caught the attention of the UK tabloid the Daily Mail which, unsurprisingly, found his comment creepy and weird.

Wild moment Tennessee congressman claims Bible has ‘pretty clear’ evidence of UFOs | Daily Mail Online