Congress Member Tells Pelosi “Hell, No”

( Republican representative for Florida, Rep. Kat Cammack, recently told Fox & Friends that she looked controversial House Speaker Nancy Pelosi right in the eyes and told her there was no way she would vote for the extremist “Build Back Better” legislation put forward by the Democrats.

The multi-trillion-dollar bill would provide huge sums of money for various social spending plans, giving Democrats taxpayer money to pay for a wide range of social justice programs and climate change initiatives. The bill was effectively halted by moderate Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, who said he would not vote for the legislation given that it was likely to increase inflation and hurt working Americans in West Virginia and beyond.

Speaking on Monday, Rep. Cammack said that she look Pelosi “right in the eyes” and she told her “absolutely hell no” in regards to whether she would support the bill.

“We are not doing this, and good luck in the Senate,” she also claims to have told Pelosi.

Looks like she was right about this one.

Cammack described how the Democrats had attempted to use the budget reconciliation process – a process designed to pass basic budget measures with a simple majority vote in the Senate – to pass the Build Back Better bill which included amnesty, among other extremist legislative packages.

Had Senator Manchin thrown his weight behind the radical plan, he would not only have been responsible for more inflation, but also for the implementation of ultra-partisan legislation that should never be passed with a simple majority vote.

This is how twisted and sick the Democrats are…while also claiming to want to protect democracy.

Watch Cammack slamming Pelosi and the Democrats here.