Congress Is Pushing For IRS Expansion Without Apology

( Under the Inflation Reduction Act, the Internal Revenue Service is going to expand quite a bit.

Now, some House Democrats who are facing challenging bids for re-election this November are now touting that expansion of the IRS.

The act was passed through the Senate using budget reconciliation, meaning no Republicans supported the measure at all. It was then passed through the Democrat-led House before being signed into law by President Joe Biden.

The bill will allot $80 billion to the IRS over the next 10 years. More than half of those funds are meant to help the IRS crack down on people who are trying to evade taxes. To do that, the IRS will hire an additional 87,000 employees, which will increase the agency by more than twice its current employment number.

Sean Casten, a Democratic representative running for re-election in Illinois, said recently that this funding would be allocated toward “resources” the IRS desperately needs. In an interview he gave to WGN-TV in Chicago recently, he said:

“I’m sorry that Republicans feel the government shouldn’t work. I respectfully disagree. Government should work.

“The Trump head of the IRS told us last term that the amount of money collected by the IRS every year is a trillion dollars less than the amount that is due in taxes, and that’s because the IRS has been so historically underfunded. What this causes is the IRS only audits people at the bottom end of the income scale because they don’t have the resources to do really complicated audits.”

He’s not the only Democrat seeking re-election in November’s midterms that is backing the IRS funding, though. Abigail Spanberger, a member of the House from Virginia, said there wouldn’t be “87,000 armed IRS agents” who were coming to target the middle class in America.

As she said during an interview last month on MSNBC:

“In my conversations with my colleagues, I’ve been very clear in the danger that exists when people are so willing to lean into lies, like the lie of 87,000 armed IRS agents. That is not real. That is not true.

“And yet, we see members of Congress and people who want to head to Congress who are willing to call the FBI names, accuse them of being corrupt, all for political gain.”

Over in the Senate, Democrat Kirsten Engel — a former state senator in Arizona who’s seeking a seat on the U.S. House — said she was supportive of the Inflation Reduction Act because “everybody has to do their fair share of paying taxes.”

Speaking with local publication the Arizona Daily Starr, Engel said:

“I do support the Inflation Reduction Act. It’s got fabulous things here for Arizona in terms of building up our economy in the clean power sector, and recall this is also the bill that is going to help us crack down on the cost of prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries, cap the cost of insulin and part of the way it’s going to fund our ability to make sure people are not paying crazy amounts for prescription drugs.

“How we can jumpstart our renewable energy economy, build that EV charging infrastructure, is to make sure people are paying their taxes.”