Condoleeza Rice Says Trump “Hit A Nerve” With Real America

( Former United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said during an interview with The Hill that she believes former President Donald Trump really “hit a nerve” with real America when he won in 2016.

Rice, who is a political scientist, said that what struck her about the Trump presidency and campaign is that there were conditions that produced a populist leader, the kind of which had never before been in government, and that it was something that most people had never really paid attention to.

Rice said that he touched the nerve of those who felt that they had been left out by globalization and were left feeling “diminished” by the political and business elites. She added that the political elites didn’t stop to think about whether regular America was having the same conversation as they were, and that Trump proved they weren’t.

She made the comments during an interview on the Carlos Watson Show, explaining how the former president reached out to voters by saying that the elites “look down” on them and have “forgotten” about them. Which was true then and under the Biden administration is also true now.

Rice famously served during the George W. Bush administration, and despite having previously been critical of former President Donald Trump – hardly surprising given she served under Bush – she appears to have recognized the importance of his message. She even said that Trump’s message that the voters matter as much as the elites do is something “we probably still really need to pay attention to.”

No kidding.

Watson asked if Rice has ever known Trump before he ran for president, to which she said that they had met a couple of times. She said that when Trump ran she thought it would be an “interesting experiment,” and while she still hasn’t explicitly supported him, she did point out that Trump’s populism was democratic and not “anti-democratic” – a false accusation thrown at the president by the left all the time.

If only all of Trump’s critics could be this honest…