Company That Paid For AOC’s “Tax The Rich” Dress Sometimes Doesn’t Pay Taxes

( A new report revealed how the company behind the “Tax the Rich” dress worn by far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the MET Gala this month has a history of not paying its taxes.

AOC is known for her endorsement of higher taxes…so what was she thinking?

Brother Vellies, the company owned by designer Aurora James who designed the dress, reportedly has three open tax warrants in New York for not paying as much as $15,000 of income taxes from the company’s employee paychecks. The scandal was revealed by The New York Post.

The debts were reportedly incurred before the COVID-19 pandemic, too, so they can’t even blame the economic crisis caused by Democrats refusing to allow the economy to remain open. There have been a total of 15 warrants against the company since 2015, and the Internal Revenue Service placed six federal liens on the firm between April 2018 and April 2019, which came to a total of $103,220. The IRS specifically referenced the fashion company’s failure to pay its employee payroll taxes.

It means that the company took the taxes out of its employees’ paychecks, but didn’t actually send the money to the IRS.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Post report revealed how James has a history of disputing rent. He was sued by an old landlord in February of 2018 for over $5,000 in unpaid rent at the shop’s previous address in Manhattan. Then, in August of 2020, a landlord filed to evict the store from its Brooklyn property and demanded over $25,000 for staying after the lease ended. The case was reportedly settled out of court.

Doesn’t it say a lot about AOC that she chose to work with somebody like this?